About the author : The Monarch Enterprise

Every now and then art and mechanics meet in the middle and create something special. We have something special for you here today. 3 years in the making, Dru has been investing a lot of his time, money and energy into this beautiful, functional piece of machinery and is finally making it’s way around.

Featuring a 3″ Ultimate Racing Test Pipe Back Exhaust with 4″ tips, a Corksport short RAM intake and turbo inlet the Mazda Speed 3 roars from miles away, and once it’s in eye sight the sound matches the visuals. Shining bright on the floor the 18 x 8 1/2″ Rota G Force wheels might catch your eye before the vibrant liquid wrap installed by Elite Dips¬†will make you double take before you take your next step.

The Mazda Speed 3 encapsulates form and function all in one perfectly with an essence of ease and an aesthetic that you can only capture when with a creative mindset. This is what sets The Monarch Enterprise apart from others . Hard work, determination, and creativity.