Hooks Ventura is back and follows up his last release “Stay Gold” with a brand new EP titled “Lucky Number Seven”.

Hooks Ventura: Lucky Number Seven, the monarch ent, the monarch enterprise, TME, #TME, themonarchenterprise, themonarchent, @TheMonarchEnterprise, @TME, @TheMonarchENT, Hooks Ventura, Virginia rap, underground hip hop, underground hip hop 2017, new underground hip hop , indie rap 2017, independent rap artists 2017, new rap artists 2017, Lucky Number Seven, Lucky #7, Hooks Ventura, The Monarch Enterprise, TME, #TME, themonarchenterprise, The Monarch ENT,We have been keeping an eye on this guy since early 2015 when he caught our eye with his first official release “Stay Gold.” and are grateful we did. The progression of this guy’s music is absolutely insane. The production, and flow has come full circle for a perfect 7 track EP you can easily listen to from start to finish.

The EP starts off with a catchy chorus and a beat that goes absolutely nuts on the 808’s produced by Derelle Rideout. Hooks enters the verse with a flow that moves as smooth as water around the thumping drums . A perfect introduction to the EP that solidifies Hooks not only as an artist but as an incredible lyricist.

Lucky Number Seven continues on with Cruise Control where Hooks spits hot molten lava over some even HARDER 808’s if you can believe it. The song sounds exactly like what the word motivation means, so much so the man only needed one verse to prove that he’s not here to play (at all), and immediately recognizes those who are.

When “No Limit” comes blasting through your speakers be ready to tie your shit down, because you’re gonna be up and moving almost instantly. You can almost feel the hard work Hooks put into this project with the verses in this track. The confidence in voice outshines above all else, and it’s almost contagious.

By the time the tape ends you’ve probably already listened to everything at least twice and will most likely run the last track back a couple times. Personally, I’m going in for the 6th time, and I’m expecting a few more before the day ends.

Listen to Hooks Ventura’s single “Fuck The Doubters” on Apple Music below! Also make sure to follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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