From Denver, CO. JoBomber of the SBNT The Company collective has been quietly dropping some of the hottest tracks out of the rocky mountain area. With his debut mixtape HCML and with much more to come, JoBomber is only getting his career started.

For starters, can you tell the people a little about yourself? –¬†I’m 18. Rap always felt like destiny for me at a very young age. I found myself always listing to Kevin Gates and Nipsey Hussle after listening to their CD’s, i became engaged in the music more by what they had to say. I come from the north side of the city, hustle is all I know. Dropping out of school made the hustle come harder I come from nothing so money is my best friend. Growing up on the east side of the city make me put family first because niggas was dog and snakes in some cases family. Coming from rags to riches from the streets to the booth makes a nigga value what he got honestly.

How long have you been making music?– I‘ve been writing raps way back at the age 9 i recorded my first song in my brothers home studio at the age 14 been at it for the past 5 years bettering my art.

Are you originally from Denver?¬†How long have you lived there?– I’m¬†originally from North Sacramento, California but I’ve been living in Denver for 7years

What is SBNT?– SBNT stands for Savage Boy Never Talk. If you really making money.. you don’t talk about it. FAKERS set they own self up, real niggas are about actions.. I hate niggas that are all talk with nothing to show for they hustle. If you ballin ball buy a 24k cuban linx to shut niggas down. FAKERS down play they self in they raps i just call em out about the shit.

Any upcoming projects?– Liquid Dope is one of my newest EP’s getting released a lot of slaps on that tape 5 features on it by locals and members of SBNT a new sound from your boy JOBOMBER i got two more projects in the works you just gotta keep up with me to find out what these are.

Anybody you’re looking to collaborate with any time soon?– I’d say another great track with Flawless Money another Denver based artist Mk Lucci him aswell umm… Kevin gates or Nipsey Hussle when i get my money the way right then ill get it jumpin.

Whats the ultimate goal with your work?– Just making it..because im not cocky. I’m confident in my music, my grind, my hustle,my foundation, turn all this in to my lifes work. turn SBNT in to a company. a lable (SBNTTHECOMPANY) . and put my niggas on because they had my back from way back.

download JOBOMBER’s “Hussle Changed My Life” mixtape HERE