Starting tonight all of our music related product reviews will be moved to ProducerGear.net to better diversify our reaches of our readers. This new website will feature daily of the best music gear and studio equipment . Old and New. Everything else about TheMonarchEnterprise.com will remain the same until we grow more and more and capture different audiences .

ProducerGear.net, Producer Gear, ProducerGear, @ProducerGear

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ProducerGear.net will include tons of informational posts for music makers alike. We have always been music oriented here at #TME but we are now making an official home for all of our readers as we expand our reach on tons of social networks and meet new business partners. You will find tips and tricks, product reviews, up and coming producer features, weekly sample pack downloads, and some new merchandise sponsored by The Monarch Enterprise team.

ProducerGear.net is now up and running and we are welcoming all feedback for our new and exciting addition to the largely growing network of our outreach.

We are also very excited to bring you the all new “automobile” section releasing on May 1st. We will be featuring all of TME’s car fleet in a series that can only be described as “High Performance Art.” Tons of new content is on it’s way and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.