Social Media Promotions (Producers, Up and Coming Artists, Audio Engineers, etc.)

Get your music, brand, or products seen by millions of real people on some of the most popular social media sites around today. We have been working tirelessly at building our brand new social network of helpful and likeminded contributors for months now in order to bring our readers a platform to expand their art, ideas, creations, and much more. After tons of hard work we finally have hit a milestone and are ready to help out the others that have got us here.

A largely diversified network of accounting bring you a huge audience of progressive culture to promote your latest releases. This is a great opprotunity for anyone that needs that extra boost in making their next project extra special by putting more eyes in your direction. In order to keep this service alive and growing for the coming years we ask for a small one time fee. If you’re interested in spreading your message you can apply for our promotion program and get started today. Please select your Artist /  Music Producer Promotions Plan below and complete the form once payment is completed. You will receive a personal confirmation email within 24 hours and we will begin the process. (Enter same email as PayPal.)

If you would please help contribute to our efforts by following our accounts and spreading the word. We will share the love and help you out as much as we can. DM or Email us showing all your promotional efforts and we may just send you a special gift. Music Producer Promotions by The Monarch Enterprise.

 Thank you.