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At The Monarch Enterprise we do our best to seek out true visionaries and creators that will set the stage of the coming decade in artistry. We always look for people that not only create but innovate and progress. Over the past year and a half a quiet storm has been brewing in the not so metropolis of North Carolina… but we see it. It started off with Jaac, a young up and comer from NC that completely blew us away with his first official release with us “REALity“. We found someone else in the area and we think you should too. A young videographer making waves in his city, Marcus, is finding a way out of the traditional talent realm and lands himself in a new and upcoming talent that is slowly finally making music videos, lookbooks, and promotion a lot less boring.

We asked Marcus a few questions about his past, present, and future. He’s someone you should be looking out for if you’re trying to branch out into a more

TME: So even as a younger guy, it looks you’ve been on the camera for awhile now, how long have you been working on your craft? 

MJB: ” I really first had a camera in my hand at the age of 10. My dad brought that shit for me and to this day I really want to know if he only brought it cause I asked it or was he the first person ever to see the vision that I’m trying to amplify among others now. a month later I signed up for my first YouTube account on my 10th birthday and went right into action with that camera learning how to do simple techniques that help me still to this day. at a young age I learned windows movie maker at a young age. making little toy figure videos and “PSP tutorials” like a little lame, and when the “Jerkin” movement was hot at the time i would shoot & edit those videos for me and my boys at the time. With that camera I mainly was just taking pics with it instead of videos cause i was just taking a different & successful approach to be different on everyone else on Instagram. In 2013 that little camera my father brought me finally broke. I wish i still had the remaining pieces of that camera too. just for memorabilia. a month before my 16th birthday my nigga named Adarius blessed me with one of the editing softwares i primarily still used this day which is Sony Vegas Pro 11. at the time i was a huge gamer and call of duty fein and we were going back and forth talking about the edits we seen on youtube. and how we wanted to edit like that. he sent a free version of that software when usually it cost around $500. and little that i know it was eventually gonna bring me a lot of attention. i still give him credit to jump starting what i truly wanted to be in life. a month later on my birthday my father (again) brought me a $600 camera that i used to shoot with and that 99.9% of videos that i put out are used by that camera. and like i said before. i feel like my father knew what i was capable off by dropping 6 stacks on me for a camera when he could have done whatever he wanted with it. I’m truly blessed to have him in my life. and everything he’s done for me. I’ve already figured out the way I’m gonna repay him and my mother.

TME: As someone that prides themselves on seeking out different and artistic new designs and ideas, your creativity really stuck out to me. What are your biggest inspirations?

MJB: My biggest inspirations when working are mainly the people i surround myself with locally. one i can go ahead and say off the top of my head is Oversoul I even told him over the phone the other night lol. how big of a piece he play in my life ya See, him and i and a couple of other guys used to be in this little clique from Sophomore year of highschool till Senior year of highschool. Him & i and the other people we always surrounded ourselves with created the most influential movement in the city of Greenville NC among the youth. influence so huge we still see it in everyone on social media, in music or in style. one thing our old group, gang whatever you wanted to call it is that we cared about our image more than what we were trying to do. So style was a HUGE factor to us. weird clothes, tight ass pants and the lingo all of us carried and most importantly. Hairstyle. what got me the most about the hairstyles we had was that at first we would get laughed at or talked about and then months later they would copy everything they said looked weird. My senior year of highschool was a huge eye opener as i had a fuse started with one of the guys out of our “crew”. Iwouldn’t necessarily call it “Beef” cause beefing is a broke nigga sport and always will be to me. I wont mention no details nor his name from that fuse that was sparked within our crew cause that’s long and over and I don’t care to speak back on that topic anymore. but just know when it did happen it shocked the youth in Greenville. cause a lot of people were inspired. so inspired by us that when they found out it was as big as a celebrity breakup. at the time OverSoul or Robby as he goes by played the middle man for some months when it happened even when i knew at the time i was in the wrong and the other guy he never failed to switch lanes on me or the other person. i mean he’s always been a peacemaker anyways that’s the only person that I’ve witness go through a lot with his craft or personal issues he had to face himself in life that’s a brother to me blood or not i hold him with my right hand and my heart in the left. I have other directors as inspirations such as YCImaging for his tutorials & videos which just by watching & learning even the little stuff such as proper color correction and physical techniques makes me better. Another local camera man who goes by “NoRatchettsss”. I get inspired by him and he was inspired by me cause he started shooting after i started shooting videos. he upgraded everything he has now and progresses on a daily. shoots with amazing quality and knows how to catch eyes instantly with the first few seconds of his own video. Greenville has emerging talent don’t get me wrong. Under the BS people put out only cause they in the heat of the moment or just trying to ride the wave just cause everyone else is doing. we have hidden golden talent here.

TME: The new year came fast.. It seems like a constant work flow is important nowadays to keeping your name relevant. What are your plans for 2017?

MJB: I never share power moves or at even give hints unless the person i talk to I’m close with or we both share productive steps. I even hate talking about my personal life cause I don’t want people all on me. even the slightest questions people ask for confirmation can make me snap sometimes when people learn about me when I haven’t even told them anything about me. but if I had to have a plan I could share with y’all is mainly an overall plan of being different from anyone else I’ve ever seen on youtube, television or history become different with all the Big Inspirations i’ve ever looked at. Become History. and continue to lead a movement and  make a movement that slowly becoming revealed that I’ve created stronger. I just want to show the hometown people one day that anything is possible if you never switch lanes. as much as it is possibleI’m still trying to force myself to believe that nothing happens overnight and i got to let the frustration on that go. I go in overdrive every day trying to figure out how to make this visual different from the last or. how to catch people’s eyes instantly or. how to communicate better on set. and also invest. it took me since i was 16 sadly to learn that if you want more out of a career you gotta spend money to make money. sometimes i think picking my freshman year of college. the time i need money. was wrong. Best believe its struggle in shine yahurdme? and I’m slowly pulling myself out of it. slowly but surely. next time people see me work again ill have people hitting me up for me to work with them even tho in the past they said my work was “Trash” or “Garbage” or my quality at the time was “Garbage”  next time people see me work I will develop a bigger support base than i once had. lots of people ask me “you give to people but when you’re in need you can’t ask for help from anyone who knows me knows offgate that i hate asking others for help or ask favors. Help is good when need it but even when I’m in distress i still wont ask because if I get help once I get it I wont have the feeling of true success cause i want to have everything by my lonely regardless of the career jumpstart I had. I want everything to fall into place. and be not only be boomin’ like metro. but to be remembered for years to come. also i know my folks are looking at this but when it comes to a huge topic like this i apologize out of respect but I hope y’all understand that whenever it comes to a serious topic like this that its only right I keep it scorching hot.”

TME: Any upcoming projects or work you’d like to tell our readers about?

MJB: At the moment I’m still trying to build myself up i want to do a short film soon. possibly in Raleigh North Carolina as mentioned from a supporter. my boy Kasim. The Camera Guy. he got stupid talent at the age he is at right now. and me and him are gonna put out a whole documentary like video with a lot of Raleigh artists and producers & promoters. all major keys to the industry. but besides that i got new tricks for upcoming videos. new methods & doing new things that no one else has or either no one around me has done.

TME: We get a lot of different artists coming around here, any of them you’d like to possibly work with?

MJB: This time around I’m trying to target bigger names. i got the skill talent and soon to be quality for it. i got the idea from one of the artists i ran into in Downtown Charlotte as i spent new years with my girlfriend as we conversed & caught up since we haven’t seen each other since the summer before I left for college. Greg Eason his first video will always be my favorite video I’ve ever shot ever and always remain to be. “Energy” he was somewhat drunk when I ran into hiim and we just went in on a whole discussion. He knows the potential I have to break away from starters and target people who generate lots of attention towards them. I’ve always waited to the right time to do that anyways. I fuck with the Raleigh music scene so much I’m always there. I’ve slowly became a GwapFeen Supporter along with 919Kane & K.Z Da Kidd. the whole OTM Worldwide Movement. cause they introduced me and I’m slowly opening up Charlottes Music scene finding those rappers on Soundcloud. Speaking of Soundcloud…  I’m always on Soundcloud I use Soundcloud religiously. I started hosting songs for people cause my page generates listens to help everyone out here yahurdme? but I’m just trying to work with higher names…travel out the state… but at the same time still trying to work with everyone i see has a genuine work ethic. besides that expect a new me. new everything. New BasedJeezus. I still thank everyone who supports me to this day. I have a whole hitlist of people I’m proving wrong. I’m trying to cover all of NC. become an icon of this state and become global…grind don’t ever stop. I know I got people watching but everything I said I mean it. No matter what people say I’m always gonna express myself to the fullest & portray myself as exactly who I Am Wherever You See Me Wheater Its Social Media Or In Person. Staying True & I Always Will. I Refused To Be Average & Basic Like Majority Of People I Know Im In The Fastlane Going 100mph While Everyone Else Obeying The Speed Limit.

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