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21 year old Hooks Ventura from Hampton Virginia has recently dropped his latest project ‘Stay Gold’, 3 years in the making, Hooks gives us unstoppable flows for the entire tape from start to finish with some great production in the mix, some by the man himself.

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‘Cruise’, track 5 on Stay Gold shows Hooks’s true abilities as an artist as he delivers effortlessly smooth flows over an impressive beat created by Hooks.

As a lyricist, Hooks shows off his skill on track 7, ‘Contra’ produced by Don Kevo. Rapping like a madman Hook’s spits the first verse so flawlessly it should probably make any up and coming rapper a little nervous. Accompanied by King Rose the duo completely the kill the track back to back, and transition the entire tape into something completely different.


Check out more of ‘Stay Gold’ and download for free on our music section or on Hook’s Soundcloud. ¬†You can follow Hook’s on Twitter, and Soundcloud, if you’re hoping to hear more show some love.