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UGLYFRANK – “Jimmy Kimmel” 

It’s been a long 4 months for us here at TME… But we’re back and better than ever, and so are some of our favorite artists. We got a very special release to share with you fine folks today and we hope you enjoy it as much as we have. A little under a week ago UGLYFRANK (yeah the guy that made that BANGER ‘Leftova’ from the Bobby Hill EP awhile back)

and the team over at ILLFIGHTYOU released ‘JIMMY KIMMEL‘ a 6 piece project with some refreshing lyrics, flows, and an impressive production essence backing it up. Back with another one and it’s here to mop up the competition with the latest release from the team at ILLFIGHTYOU, ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ opens with an almost psychedelic introduction, warped vocals and scattered but inviting show tunes create an environment of dark, uncomfortable, welcoming vibes as you slowly forget it was exactly what you just clicked on. Before you even have enough time to click ‘NEXT’ Antwon Carrera jolts you back to life with some hard hitting 808 kicks and within a minute you’ll find yourself singing along with the chorus and pressing the ‘repeat’ button. The same story continues for the next track (DEARJOHN5) as UGLYFRANK almost has a Nate Dogg ability to create catchy hooks and chorus’s that will be burned into your brain easier than the ABC’s and have you repeating them to yourself for the next few months. (Cousin Stizz from Boston also does a really good job at this.) Antwon and Frank continue the assault with a deadly combination of distorted drums and crisp vocal on MEDS4, much respect on Antwon’s end on this song.. dude has some serious skills on the boards, almost sounded like he ripped the whole song onto a vinyl and through an old tube amp before reuploading it (which I’m sure he didn’t do but it sounds real as fuck, a sound I’ve been trying to achieve for awhile EDIT: a lot of this could have been done by Matt “Baloogz” Clark.) Just as Antwon shines on MEDS4, Frank shows his true lyricism abilities on GCR2 along with SWANKS.. the duo ruthlessly rip through the minimalist beat with purpose and it was well received..


Honestly this might be my favorite release in the past year and a half feels like the soundtrack to a fever dream. So go listen and tell them we sent you. UGLYFRANK – “Jimmy Kimmel” If you’re loooking for what the next 5 years are going to sound like, give these dudes a listen. Make sure you check out their website, youtube, and all kinds of other social media. Big thanks to the ILLFIGHTYOU team, keep doing what you’re doing. UGLYFRANK – “Jimmy Kimmel”

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