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Upcoming Artist “Dremon” Releases 3 New Singles

A young artist from the wild west, Dremon captures the perfect oasis vibe with his uplifting music. Catchy hooks, memorable chorus’, and smooth flowing verses, Dremon can fit into any playlist without feeling out of the place.

We have just released 3 new singles from Dremon. The first of which is “No Exaggration.” An upbeat , night time, neon light , long drive type of tune. Released right in time for the weather to warm up. The single was produced by BDotSmokez and features some wavy synths backed by a catchy hook.

“Gravity” and “Testify” were also released , hard hitting raps with a bit of pop influence to keep things from getting dark.

The versatility of his music solidfies his position in the industry, and we are sure to see and hear more from #TheMusic team.

You can follow Dremon on all his social media below, and listen to his new music on virtully every streaming platform.